Michael Leibson

music analyst

litigation consultant on copyright infringement actions


The Anthem Entertainment Group Inc.

Artists & Recordings

1996 Alex Lifeson Victor
1994 Gowan When There's Time (single)
1992 Gowan Freewheeling, Come Down From Your Mountaintop, The Soul's Road, Little Table Dancer, She's A Nasty Business, Put It Where The Love Don't Shine, Cry On My Shoulder, Innocent, The Last Laugh, The Autograph Song, Take It Like A Man, Wild Summer Night, Fields Of The Brave, The Good Catches Up, Tittenhurst Park, Gasworks Bar, Venus 98, Moonchild's Psychedelic Holiday, Your Stone Walls (singles)
1991 Gowan The Price Of Love, A Dangerous Man (singles)
1989 Gowan Fire It Up, Love Makes You Believe, Soul Possession, My Swan Song, This Is The Day, Tender Young Hero, If The Sun Ever Rises, Holding This Rage, Healing Waters, Out Of A Deep Hunger, Arms Of The Wild, Message From Heaven, The Lost Brotherhood, Terrible Beauty, Liberator, The Path (singles)
1988 Ian Thomas As The Days Go By, All I Do (singles)
Malcolm Burn Redemption (album)
1987 Images In Vogue The Spell (album)
Ian Thomas Levity (album)
Gowan Moonlight Desires, Awake The Giant, Living In The Golden Age, Dedication, Human Drama, Forever One, One Brief Shining Moment, 60 Second Nightmare, Great Dirty World (singles)
Neil Peart Pieces of Eight (single)
1986 The Spoons Bridges Over Borders (album)

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