Michael Leibson

music analyst

litigation consultant on copyright infringement actions


True North Records/Finkelstein Management

Artists & Recordings

2007 Stephen Fearing Yellow Jacket (CD)
Stephen Fearing on Blackie and the Radio Kings' "Bark" (CD)
2006 Bruce Cockburn Life Short Call Now (CD)
2002 Stephen Fearing That's How I Walk (CD)
Bruce Cockburn My Beat (for Anything Anytime Anywhere compilation)
Garrity A Day Away (CD)
1999 Stephen Fearing Industrial Lullabye (CD)
1996 Bruce Cockburn The Charity of Night (CD)
Bruce Cockburn Wise Users (single)
Stephen Fearing Blue Line (CD)
The Sympathy Long Way Down (CD)
The Hell Billys Hell Billys (CD)
1995 Bruce Cockburn Shepherds (single)
Stephen Fearing Beguiling Eyes (single)
Barney Bentall Ain't Life Strange (CD)
1993 Stephen Fearing The Assassin's Apprentice (CD)
Gregory Hoskins Raids On The Unspeakable (CD)
1992 Stephen Fearing Out To Sea (CD)
1988 Bruce Cockburn Big Circumstance (CD)
Barney Bentall Carry On, Jelly Roll, Pale Blue Eyes (singles)
1987 Bruce Cockburn Stolen Land, Waiting For A Miracle (singles)
Barney Bentall Who's It Gonna Be, Something To Live For, Life Could Be Worse, The House Of Love Is Haunted, Writing On The Wall, Who Owns The Night, Some Things Never Change, Josephine, You Can't Fix, Somewhere There's An Angel, Lost Weekend, Talk Talk Talk, New Frontier, I Want Her, Black Clouds, Sweet Ambition, Let Me Down Easy, She's My Inspiration, Lonely Town, Don't Talk About Yesterday (singles)

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